menthi kura pappu swasthis recipes

menthi kura pappu | methi dal recipe andhra style

menthi kura pappu – andhra style quick and easy methi dal recipe. Methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are called as menthi kura or menthi akku in telugu and pappu is dal. This simple dal can be served with ragi sankati or mudde, rice, cooked millets or with phulka.     to make methi dal, lentils […]

ragi flour ragi powder for babies

ragi flour or ragi powder for babies porridge | ragi recipes

ragi flour or ragi powder recipe for babies, toddlers and kids’ porridge.   For those who are not familiar: Ragi is known as finger millet in English, ragi in kannada, ragulu in telugu, kezhvaragu or keppai in tamil, nachani in marthi and gujarati, marwa in bengali & nepali, ragi or mandika in Hindi. In the […]

oats khichdi recipe swasthis recipes

oats khichdi recipe | Indian oats recipes

oats khichdi is another easy oats recipe that can be prepared under 25 minutes. It makes a good, nutritious and healthy breakfast on a busy day. It can also be a quick fix to a meal or dinner when one doesn’t have much time to cook. This can also be served to babies from 8 […]

bagara baingan recipe

bagara baingan recipe | hyderabadi bagara baingan for biryani

bagara baingan recipe – learn to make hyderabadi bagara baingan with step by step photos. bagara baingan is a popular side dish for biryani from the hyderabadi cuisine. Young brinjals are deep fried and then added to the simmering gravy. It is also called as Nune vankaya kura in telugu. To make the gravy taste […]