pineapple sheera recipe

pineapple sheera recipe | pineapple kesari recipe

pineapple sheera recipe – Sheera is a sweet made using semolina and is known with different names across India. The other most common names are suji halwa, sajjige, kesari, kesaribath or ravakesari.   Kesari recipes are made using kesari (saffron) or an artificial kesari color. Sheera can be made without the addition of kesar. Apart […]

methi rice recipe

methi rice recipe, how to make methi rice

methi rice recipe – quick and easy rice recipe for lunch box or dinner. It can be served alone with a fresh vegetable salad or a simple raita. A simple potato fry goes well with this rice for the kids’ lunch box. This rice turns out very flavorful and is quick, easy to make. Cooked […]

egg kheema recipe

egg keema recipe, how to make egg kheema curry

egg keema recipe – keema or qeema recipe is made using minced meat. This recipe needs boiled egg and no meat is used. Egg keema pairs well with chapathi or plain paratha or plain rice. It also goes on a party menu well as a side to puri or naan. To make this egg keema, […]

oats bisi bele bath recipe

oats bisi bele bath recipe | sambar oats recipe

oats bisi bele bath recipe with step by step photos – A quick, nutritious, wholesome and delicious oats recipe that can be made for lunch or dinner. Bisi bele bath is one of traditional dishes from karnataka which is made of rice, lentils, spice powder and tamarind. It is similar to the tamil sambar sadam […]

masala vada recipe

masala vada recipe | south indian chana dal vada

masala vada recipe – A popular South Indian tea time snack and a street food made using skinned split bengal gram i.e chana dal. Masala meaning a mixture of spices are added to the coarsely ground chana dal mixture to make these crispy and flavorful vada. Masala vada is prepared during festivals in most South […]

jonna dosa

jowar dosa | jonna dosa recipe | jolada dose

Jowar dosa recipe – Jowar is the Indian name for sorghum. They are also known as jonnalu in telugu, jola in kannada and cholam in tamil. It is a gluten free grain and loaded with nutrients. It is highly recommended for folks with diabetes, thyroid or for those who are into gluten free diet. Jowar […]

guacamole sandwich recipe

guacamole sandwich recipe, how to make guacamole sandwich

guacamole sandwich recipe – one of the easiest breakfast recipes using bread and ripe avocado. Guacamole is a dip made using ripe avocado, chopped onions, tomatoes and seasonings. It can be served with potato wedges, chips, pita bread, tortillas, burger or even to make a sandwich.   This guacamole sandwich needs just 15 minutes, a […]

chana dal pulao

chana dal pulao recipe | chana dal rice recipe

chana dal pulao recipe – one pot rice recipe that is easy, nutritious and protein filled. It goes well for a quick lunch or in the lunch box. It can be enjoyed without any side. A raita or a veg salad go well. To make this chana dal rice, carrots, beetroot or baby corn go […]