cornflakes chat recipe

cornflakes chat recipe | cornflakes recipe

cornflakes chat recipe For the past few weeks, I have not been cooking much at home to share with you, last 2 weeks went on busy with the kids’ school assessments and now with the holidays. Sharing an easy cornflakes chat recipe which I made some time back for myself to munch. Yes, you can […]

pumpkin curry recipe

Pumpkin curry recipe, how to make pumpkin curry or kootu

Pumpkin curry recipe Sharing a delicious pumpkin curry recipe,(no garlic and no onion) that can be served with rice, chapathi, puri, phulka or pulao. Pumpkin is a low calorie vegetable that is nutrient rich and is one of the best suited vegetable for everyone including diabetics and also for folks trying to lose weight.   […]

pudina rice recipe, mint rice

Pudina rice recipe, how to make pudina rice or pudina pulao

Pudina rice, pairs wonderfully well with any simple curry like dum aloo, baby corn masala or chicken curry and is very easy to make.Mint also called as pudina in various Indian languages is often used to flavor chutney, Indian curries and biryani.   pudina rice can be packed for the lunch box too with nuts […]

junnu recipe

junnu or kharvas recipe , how to make junnu or kharvas

junnu is a milk pudding or cake known as ginnu in kannada and kharvas in Marathi. It is prepared using the colostrum milk that a cow produces for the first few days after it delivers a calf. This milk is called as junnu paalu in Telugu.   It is believed that this milk is full […]

egg noodles

Egg noodles recipe, how to make easy egg noodles

Egg noodles, sharing one of the easiest meal you could make on a busy day with minimum ingredients. For a healthier option use whole wheat noodles, I made with whatever I could buy on my way home after a busy day. You can use any variety of noodles whole wheat noodles, rice noodles, hokkien noodles […]

Beetroot apple smoothie

Beetroot apple smoothie – the best beetroot smoothie

We have been experimenting with healthy smoothies for quite some time now and began to love them. The smoothie passion started after the hubby was raving a lot about them which he get to enjoy regularly near his workplace. Heard a lot about the changes he finds in himself, a healthy mind and healthy body. […]

egg fry

Egg fry, how to make easy egg fry | egg recipes

Egg fry, a quick and easy side dish that goes great with any rice including plain rice. It is not a very dry fry, can even be had with a one pot rice or even with roti accompanied by a bowl of salad. You end up having a complete balanced meal that’s super easy to […]

sweet potato curry

Sweet potato curry, how to make sweet potato curry

Sweet potato curry can be made to accompany rice or chapathi.   Sweet potatoes are rich in iron, vitamin B, C, D and have many health benefits. They are good for folks of all age groups. Though they are high in carbs, due to their high fiber, they don’t spike the sugar levels even in […]