badam milk recipe, how to make badam milk or almond milk

badam milk recipe – Learn how to make badam milk or almond milk, suitable for all including babies and kids
almond milk is one of the most nutritious drinks for all age groups. Almonds are called as badam in Indian language, they are energizing and balancing for the mind.I have also shared a recipe on making badam milk powder for making instant badam milk. This badam milk recipe is made after soaking them and boiling the milk. The healthiest way of making almond milk for babies and kids (infact for all of us) is to soak them for 6 to 8 hours and then prepare it and it has numerous health benefits. Soaked almonds are easily digestible and nutrients are better absorbed by the body. Almond skin is said to aggravate pitta in the body and can lead to indigestion, so eliminating the skin would be better. This Indian badam milk recipe is an age old traditional ayurvedic secret to build up immunity in kids, improve eye sight, build stronger bones, remove constipation, and provide adequate nutrition for picky/fussy eaters.
badam milk recipe for babies and kids
Disclaimer:This badam milk recipe is suitable for babies older than 10 to 12 months. It is a generalized recipe for babies, toddlers, kids and for adults too. The author suggests avoiding saffron & cow’s milk unless the baby is a year old. Please consult your pediatrician before you begin to serve this milk to your baby specially if your baby is allergic to certain foods. The garnishing that you see is a dash of pepper powder which is not suitable for babies and can be used after 18 months and above during winters to prevent accumulation of phlegm.
Folks with mucus/phlegm problems and those who want to stay away from dairy may eliminate milk from the recipe and just use water and add 1/2 to 1 tsp. of oats powder to make the milk thicker. Since milk contributes to mucus production, those with phlegm problems can add a pinch of pepper powder or dry ginger powder to the above recipe.Saffron is heating to the body and is used to treat colds and coughs. It expels mucus from the body. Must be cautious while using saffron, too much saffron can be poisonous.
badam milk or almond milk makes a very good milk substitute for lactose intolerant kids. I started giving this milk to my younger son when he was 10 months old. He was doing well… No colic…..No constipation…..No loose stools. I had tried several formulas for him like NAN, Similac, Mamex gold, Friso etc., but ended up with lot of colic or loose stools. Though he is not lactose intolerant, he could not digest the formula milk beco’z of excess synthetic nutrients in them. Almond milk (boiled only in water) was the best solution for all these problems.

how to make badam milk recipe or almond milk

1. Soak almond for 6 hours and peel the skin.
2. Bring the milk to a boil in a thick bottom pan/ vessel on a low to medium flame. add sugar, saffron and cardamom powder. If you do not wish to use milk, bring water to a boil, add sugar. If you wish you can skip saffron and cardamon
3. Grind almonds to smooth with little water or milk. Can add saffron, sugar, cardamom pow to the almonds alternately if not added at step 2. (remember smooth paste else it irritates the throat while drinking)

badam milk recipe step 1


badam milk recipe step 2

3. When the milk comes to a boil, pour the grinded almond mixture into the boiling milk.
4. Keep stiring else the milk can smell burnt. Let it boil for 2 to 3 mins.Switch off the stove.
5.Filter the milk to remove coarse granules, before you serve your child, if your blender cannot blend the almonds to a smooth paste. As some kids might throw up as the grains irritate the throat.
Serve warm or chilled. Keeps good if refrigerated for no more than 2 days
Serving Tips for kids and toddlers
* Tastes good when served with cornflakes or beaten rice (poha/ aval) or even with plain cooked rice and additional jaggery.
* Can use this milk to cook kheer /payasam /puddings.
* Can use this milk even for cooking chicken, baking moist cakes and muffins, which i will be posting shortly.
* You can make the almond paste enough for a week and store it in the freezer in tiny boxes and defrost one per day in the refrigerator and use the following day to make fresh badam milk. This has worked out for few readers.

badam milk recipe or almond milk recipe below

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badam milk recipe, how to make badam milk
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
An ayurvedic way to pamper ourselves with an healthy and nutritious drink
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Yield / Serves: 2
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
  • badam or almonds 20 to 24
  • Milk 500 ml (optional- can add water to fresh milk to make 500 ml)
  • Sugar 2 tsp. (optional- babies need no sugar)
  • Saffron few strands (optional) (The picture you see above is with very little saffron, you can even skip it)
  • Green cardamom powder ⅛ th tsp.
  1. Wash and soak almonds for at least 6 hours. Peel the skin.
  2. crush saffron with the help of your fingers. Refrigerated saffron easily gets crushed and blends well with the milk.
  3. Bring 2 cups of water or milk to a boil, add saffron, sugar and cardamom powder.
  4. While the milk boils, blend the almonds with little water to a smooth paste. you can as well blend sugar saffron cardamom and almonds to a smooth paste.
  5. Add this to the boiling milk.
  6. Simmer for 2 minutes. off the heat.
  7. Let the temperature come down to warm before you serve. If you are serving it to a little kid, you may need to filter to remove the coarse granules. This is optional and depends on your blender.

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  1. jyoti says

    My son is 4 yr old. Going to school. First thing he wants in the morning is milk. He still wants his milk bottle. We have cut the nipple very large n milk flows very fast. He cries for milk if he doesn’t get first thing in morning. But even after 2 hrs he doesn’t able to eat anything. He coughes n pukes everything. Now he has got phobia that if he eats anything it will come out.
    He also doesn’t eat his lunch n if teacher tries to feed him he pukes. At 1 when he comes back home I feed him the same lunch with lassi he eats well.
    Please help

    • swasthi says

      Hi Jyoti,
      Full fat milk suppresses appetite in kids, so not a good choice to give before breakfast. If you are unable to convince him to eat breakfast instead of milk, try diluting the milk with water. I know it is not a good idea but It will not keep him full for long time. He may feel hungry after an hour and eat his breakfast. If you are using homogenized milk, try to replace with non-homogenized milk. That may help you as well.

  2. Madhavi says

    Hi swasthi! Can you please tell me which is the best sugar that i can use for my baby. Or a best sweetner. I dont want him to pick up a sweet tooth but just add a bit if it in recipes to taste nice.

    • swasthi says

      I use organic sugar for badam milk. For most foods i try to use coconut palm sugar or organic jaggery. But we cannot use them for some foods like this badam milk, so i use organic brown or white sugar. Yes you are right a small amount to just mildly sweeten is fine. Hope this helps.

  3. Arunima Kar says

    Hello Swasthi Mam,

    I just love your chart as well as recipes. I am a new mom. My Baby is now 8 months 4 day old. So, can you please tell me that, which kind of milk will the BEST for him to make this Almond Milk? Because, I have read that, at this stage of age, cow milk is not suitable for him. So, please guide me to do the BEST for my baby…. Will be waiting for your reply..

    Thank You.. :)

    • swasthi says

      Hi Arunima,
      Iam very sorry , i just forgot to reply your comment. This milk is best suitable after 10 to 12 months and i suggest not to use cow’s milk unless your baby is an year old. The only option is to make the almond milk using water.

  4. Vidya says

    Hi Swathi,

    Very good recipes and suggestions.

    I have some questions –

    My 5 year old is underweight is it ok to give Almond milk in summer? as almond is hot so is it ok to give it now in summer?

    Please suggest a diet plan so he can gain some weight.

    • swasthi says

      Hi Vidya,
      Soaked almonds are cool to the body, so you can give him even in summers. You can serve him twice a day if he likes, bedtime is good for almond milk. Try with more protein foods for his snack, stop biscuits or any other junk. here are some of the recipes on this blog for his snack,
      urad dal ladoo
      sesame ladoo you can use some poppy seeds to reduce the heat from sesame seeds during summer
      dates nuts ladoo
      raisin nut balls
      peanut ladoo
      try giving him citrus fruits to increase his appetite, a fruit 45 minutes before a meal is best. also if possible serve him boiled egg in a meal, check out the egg recipes here for ideas. hope this helps.
      Have a good day

    • swasthi says

      Sachi, you can give him at bed time if you want to give once. If twice then once in the night and once after 2 hours of breakfast or lunch. Make sure he doesn’t eat any fruit for 1 1/2 to 2 hours before and after this milk

  5. shipra ojha says

    Hi, your suggestions r really helpful.plz suggest me my som is 7 year nd he is under weaight how can I improve his weaight

    • swasthi says

      Hello Shipra,
      Try serving him 5 boiled eggs per week, make a simple roast or sandwich anything. refer my egg section for ideas. Serve him boiled chole / channa for 4 to 5 days in a week, breakfast or evening snack is the best time. you can make a chana sandwich or kati roll with chole.Try to include 8 to 10 soaked almonds or cashew nuts either make almond milk or give plain soaked nuts. Don’t bother to give him white rice. if he doesn’t leave it. If he is not a good eater, try these:
      1. reducing milk and give him yogurt or paneer. milk suppresses appetite in kids. Give him milk before bed if he likes.
      2. give him fruits high in vitamin c, 1 1/2 hours before dinner (and lunch as well on holidays). apples, guava, oranges, pears, kiwi work well and make the kids super hungry.

      Check out my healthy ladoo recipes with jaggery, try making a variety and serve him,
      easy ladoo recipes
      also check the link below, read the post completely. This is very good for kids. Even if he doesn’t eat breakfast it is fine, if you give him this ladoo. but for some kids it induces gas, so try little by little.
      stop biscuits, cakes etc from bakery if you are serving him. ladoos taste very good, make them his staple snack.
      hope this helps. Do share with me, how he improves. feel free to ask any doubts you have.

  6. madhu says

    hai swasthi , ghee is very good for babies but my son is not eating , so i am giving him creamy milk 1 small glass is it ok or we have to him ghee compulsory suggest me .i am also having doubt that can we give pediasure with buffalo milk , my son is not drinking cow milk so i changed to buffalo milk .

    • swasthi says

      hello madhu,
      its fine to give creamy full fat milk, babies and kids need fats.i feel ghee is crucial in an Indian diet since we don’t eat meat often. Ghee has its own benefits. Try making your own homemade ghee if you have been giving him store bought. May be he doesn’t like the smell, try flavoring with few curry leaves. After u finish making the ghee, just add few washed and drained curry leaves to the boiling ghee. It will splutter, be careful. ghee will get a good curry leaves flavor. bottle it and keep for further use. Try to use 1 tsp ghee divided through out the day in different meals. i used to serve 1 1/2 to 2 tsp for my kids. do not mix pediasure with any other milk, pediasure is supposed to be mixed only in water as mentioned on the package or tin. Adding it to milk, makes the drink hard to digest. eventually kids may not feel hungry and refuse to eat enough solids. I have personally experienced it.
      try giving sunnundalu (not regularly), may be three to four times a week.
      hope these suggestions help you.

  7. praveen says

    hai swasthi my wife serves my son, instead of cow milk can we use buffalo milk , and tell us some food items that gives him complete protein.And we tried badam milk but he is not interested to drink .

    • swasthi says

      Hello Praveen,
      buffalo’s milk is usually opted by many since they are nonallergic to kids and higher in fats than in cow’s milk. But cow’s milk is rich in vitamins. So serve him whichever he likes. But my suggestion is not to mix pediasure in milk, it has to be mixed in water alone according to the instructions on the package. read the comment below yours to understand more. you can go thru the link mentioned below, it has a complete toddler and baby food chart including protein foods.

      indian baby food chart
      to be precise,
      give him 4 to 5 eggs a week, no more than one a day and not more than 2 subsequent days, give a break for one day and then serve again
      try to include dal at every meal like
      dal khichidi
      chickpeas meal
      methi leaves with dal
      since he doesn’t like almond milk, try to give
      badam burfi with jaggery
      badam laddu,
      sesame seeds ladoo,
      purnam kudumulu,
      raisin nut balls,
      hope this helps
      Do not overload him with protein, he may get indigestion. Start slowly and then increase the quantities

  8. praveen says

    hai swasthi my son is now 22months , but he is not interesting to eat anything , he will drink 2glass milk a day and small quantity of rice , with this my baby is not gaining his weight we tried different foods but he not interested to eat , and he is doing vomting when we forcely gives him, with small quantity we want to give required vitamins , we are using pediasure because he is a fussy eater , so suggest us what type of food items has to give him to be healthy

  9. lavi says

    almond milk+long fennel+sugar,is this mixture is really helpful for get rid of using specs for eyes.
    is it really improves eyesight

    • swasthi says

      Hello Lavi,
      i have not heard or read of it, may be it is an ayurvedic tip. eyes problems or vision problems make way due to many reasons. One of the reasons is also malnutrition and eating too much of refined,processed foods like maida, white bread, etc. If a person has developed vision problems due to bad eating and lifestyle, then refraining from refined foods like maida and using almond milk, or a raw carrot almond smoothie is helpful. I have certainly seen improvement in few people who included almond milk and raw carrots in their diet regularly. for eye problems like astigmatism or myopia, reducing near work and increasing outdoor activities during the day also help to prevent further growth of the problems. Astigmatism can even be cured completely.Hope this helps.

  10. Mahek Dudani says

    Hi Swasthi,
    My daughter is 15months, I wanted to ask is it OK if she consumes 500ml badam milk with 20-25 almonds in 2 days or 20-25 almonds are too much? Also, I wanted to give her pistachios, can you suggest how? Can we add them in badam milk by reducing almonds quantity or shud be given separately. I’m so confused.

    • swasthi says

      Hi Mahek,
      It depends on how well ur little one can digest the nuts. When my son was 1 year old his total almond consumption was 10 in a day, in all forms together:
      milk, carrot baby food
      sago kheer
      etc. If soaked well, 10 to 12 almonds shouldn’t be a problem for digestion. However too much protein may not be good, so watch the total protein that you serve in a day in dals, nuts, milk, eggs etc to prevent bloating or colic. 500 ml almond milk with 20 to 25 almonds in two days is not too much for active, healthy babies with good appetite. Serve her for 4 to 5 days and give a break for 2 to 3 days. This works well. I have never tried pistas in milk, wonder how they taste after soaking. Using nuts for babies without soaking , may not be a good idea, in terms of absorption and digestion.
      I used to give these pista raisin balls sometimes, though not regularly. Do not serve milk for 2 hours before and after giving the raisin nut balls, it will curdle the milk. Try giving thrice a week.Hope this helps.

  11. vino says

    swasthi,recently started giving palm sugar instead of sugar.yest night she had colic pain.wil tat might be the reason or gave few pieces of millet my daughter is intolerent to dairy and gluten

    • swasthi says

      Vino, Don’t give any kind of bread or bakes till she settles down well. Yeast, baking soda or powder tend to create gas in the stomach. As such you can give her millet porridge with soaked and ground millets. I have a couple of recipes , just try them i will mail you by monday. I don’t think palm sugar might have caused this.

  12. vino says

    hi swasthi can u suggest a cake or muffin recipe which is dairy free,nut free,gluten free for my daughter one year old.she has stopped eating dal have to think new recipes for that some solid food goes inside.can we give cocoa to her.

    • swasthi says

      Vino, i have a couple of gluten free cake recipes you could try. will send them to your inbox soon, since they are not published yet on the could try using dutch processed cocoa in very small quantities.

    • swasthi says

      Make a fine powder of sago in a blender jar. If needed sieve it to remove coarse grains. Add one tsp powder for 2 cups water and boil till it thickens, or until you feel is cooked well. When it cools down it will thicken more. Add boiled and cooled water to adjust the consistency. if needed you can add very little salt or sugar. people say it is cooling to the body, if consumed cold. so serve it warm to prevent colds. you can even add a tiny pinch of pepper powder. hope this helps

  13. madhu says

    hai swasthi , with ur suggestion i am not giving milk at mrng and now he is eating 1 spoon of cooked rice as breakfast ,and also please give me the details of food chart that will help me too and i also can follow with that

    • swasthi says

      Hi madhu, hope he improves shortly.
      i will be posting here the food chart in 2 days. you can check it.
      Thank you

  14. akhila says

    Hai, my son is 23 months , i am worried about my child because sometimes he will wakeup at 6 ,and sometimes 8 or 9am , if i give him milk of glass he is avoiding breakfast and i tried him to give 1 banana as a breakfast and again he will sleep at lunch time ,he will wake up at 4 evng and he not at all eating food ,and he is not ready to eat anything, all of my relatives are telling me to stop breastfeeding , but my son is prematured baby while his birth his weight is 2.1kg, and my grany is telling not stop , i am not understanding what to do and tell me a complete food chart of the day so i can follow by that .No one is give me suggestion please helpme

  15. madhu says

    my son is 20months but he is not interested to eat and not ready to drink milk or juice and also not having habit of junck food ,but i am giving 2 almonds with honey and forcely 1 small glass milk and 1 spoon rice and evng 1 small glass milk and night he will sleep with empty stomach and he will cry, i tried in different way but he is not ready to eat anything , i consulted with doctor but he is not giving any suggestion .i am worried about my child please give me any suggestion

    • swasthi says

      Hello Madhu,
      I too had the same experience with my elder son, now aged 9. Iam hoping that your child is fine on the growth chart,i.e height and weight. There are 2 reasons for toddlers to behave like this, 1. they either don’t have appetite 2. they don’t eat because they don’t get what they like. They generally tend to be fussy at food.
      Try to analyse which of these is his problem. If he doesn’t have appetite, stop milk in the morning and serve him fruits and solids, even two spoons of solids is good enough to get him started. Later he will improve. Most kids who drink milk in the morning, tend to skip their breakfast. Fruits will naturally increase the appetite. In the night give him milk, he will surely drink since he is away from it since morning, he will sleep well too.
      In case he is a fussy kid, he may not be liking rice, so try giving him dosa with potato, chapathi,paratha, pesarattu or semiya. If he cannot chew well, soak them in rasam or yogurt and then feed. my son went on without rice for 2 months when he was 2 years old. Don’t worry, your son will be alright. For a variety of healthy paratha or chapathis, take a look at this link, you will get an idea on what to make.
      roti paratha
      try with some homeopathy to improve his appetite
      hope this helps

  16. vino says

    read ur blog.interesting recipe.i wanted to try almond milk for my one yr old daughter but she had severe gastroenteritis.diagnosed as lac intolerent.after hospitalized doc asked us to avoid dairy ,soy,nuts,gluten for one yr.can u suggest ir come out with a drink for night time instead of soy formula which am giving right now.she wakes every two hr at suggest a drink or homemade formula.

    • swasthi says

      Hi Vino,
      I think you can try with finger millet milk, which is gluten free. To know what is finger millet check the link below, these are called as ragi in the south india.
      ragi malt
      Wash and soak them for about 6 hours in clean water and grind to smooth with little water,add more water, filter it using a muslin (thin cotton cloth) or cheese cloth and extract the milk. Add more water and blend and repeat extracting milk. Boil this well and make a thin milk by adding more water and sugar. Iam not sure though if this can be used in a feeding bottle. The same way even oat milk can be made after soaking for 3 to 4 hours. But you need to refrigerate and warm up every time you serve.
      I also have another tip which has worked for many readers of this blog.
      Just before the kid goes to bed, give one tsp. of warm melted ghee with little sugar mixed in it. The fats in the ghee keeps the stomach full for a longer period and then the baby don’t wake up frequently.Continue this for 7 to 10 days.This was suggested to me by a pediatrician in bangalore and has worked for both my kids. By one year age, babies can sleep thru out the night without waking up for milk. But do consult your doctor before you start since i do not know if that can be give to your child with gastro problem. Hope this helps. Wish your baby a speedy recovery.

      • vino says

        thank u swasthi
        since she s allergic to dairy pdts cant give ghee.can i give this ragi in night too.i hve read abt coconut milk wat is ur suggestion on this.can this work n nights.

        • swasthi says

          Vino, i have read that ghee has no lactose in it, hence suitable for lactose intolerant too. But if she is allergic, better not to try. How about making sago milk from powdered sago? it is easy to digest. you can give ragi milk in the night too since it is prepared using soaked ragi, it will be easy to digest but serve warm. Hope you have introduced her to ragi already. I think you can serve sago milk and ragi milk. coconut milk is fine if consuming once in a while but giving regularly, don’t think it is a good idea, since it is heavy to digest and serving during nights, i wonder if it is going to be good on the stomach. my experience, when ever i use fresh coconut milk for smoothies for my kids, 3 to 4 days, they have no issues, then starts cough and indigestion. so i use it occasionally. I have read about making rice milk from cooked rice, that could be suitable. I suggest, choose something that is easier to digest since human digestive system is week in the nights, according to ayurveda.

  17. Vidya says

    Hi swathi,
    Should we still keep on boiling for 2-3 mins after adding the mixture,as my aunt says to
    Directly mix the grinded badam mixture into the milk and give it to my son.she says that nutritional value will be lost.

    • swasthi says

      Hi Vidya,
      This is a traditional ayurvedic recipe where ground almonds are simmered for a while with the cow’s milk and has been used by our ancestors for ages. I have referred many ayurvedic books before i tried this for my babies.It may not be good to give raw almond milk for babies under 18 months. If your kid is older than 18 months you could check this
      raw almond milk

  18. says

    dear swasthi,
    the best thing abt u is u reply everyones query patiently.
    can i give almond milk eveyday at night for 2 year old?Does it causes stomach upset as elders in my famliy suggest?

    • says

      Vellamji, thanks for the compliment, kids are our treasures, so anything regarding kids is most valuable for me. Please ensure that the almonds are soaked well, so that they don’t cause gas. I remember giving this to my toddlers even at nights. Ayurveda says the best time to have almond milk is at bed time. Try for 3 days. Please leave a feedback after you try. It could help others too

    • says

      The nutrition from cow’s milk is not sufficient for babies less than 1 year old unless they are on solid foods. That’s why formula milk is recommended. If your baby is on good amount of solids then you can try giving cow’s milk. The chances of young babies being allergic to cow’s milk is high. so watch closely after feeding cow’s milk. possible symptoms could be rubbing eyes,

  19. says

    Ok swasthi… Iam giving him ragi… Sago and barley not yet tried… Will start with barley… Thank you so much… Btw i started with almond milk today and i used only water but with some pistachios and cashew and dates… And gave him some 30 ml… So will wait for 3 days and then proceed with barley… thank you so much…

    • says

      If this is the first time you are going to give barley, ragi or sago. Introduce only one dish, continue for 3 days and wait to check if it suits ur baby. Then introduce the second one – wait and repeat for 3rd. First check for suitability. If fine, then you can give each dish weekly twice. But start with very low quantities, increase the quantity weekly. By 11 months, can serve more than half a

  20. says

    Hi Divya! Almond milk helps to gain weight by building stronger bones,but kids may not look chubby. Try with barley payasam and carrot sago payasam. Pandit eluchuri, says this barley payasam makes kids younger son was chubby not sure if it was due to this payasam..

  21. says

    As per your guidance i made almond powder at home and kept as i feel my son is lactose intolerant.Do have to store this powdered almonds at refrigerator?

  22. says

    Hi, can you please confirm that what should be daily intake of almond for 1 year old babies? Because in your recipe, you have mentioned 20 to 24 almonds and use the milk within 2 days. so could you please clarify this? Thanks.<br /><br />Sany

    • says

      Hi Vishali! Thanks for visitng my space. i did give to my son once he completed 9 months, but without cow&#39;s milk, no saffron, very little sugar. i just boiled ground almonds in water, filtered with cheese cloth and remove the pulp and bottle it, else the coarse grains will be stuck in the teat. however, i would suggest you to take a doctor&#39;s opinion on this. since each baby is different.

  23. says

    Hi! you can use the almond powder, but soak it in enough water for atleast 30 mins to 1 hour before using else after consuming for a week a so,it can lead to stomach gas and loss of appetite. However some babies exceptionally tolerate well. To use up the powder you have now, just mix 1 1/2 tsp almond powder with any whole grain flours like wheat, jowar , rice rawa or even brown rice rava . boil

  24. says

    dear swasthi<br />my son is lactose intolerant as per my predictions i.e when ever i give him anything cooked or related with cows milk he passes loose stools.So i dont give him cows milk though he is 1 year old.this almod milk recipe is very usefl but cold you pleasse clarify my doubts?<br />I already have almond powder with skin grinded at home which i used to give him one spoon directly.<br />

  25. says

    Hi shadowdancer! do not add almond powder to the formula milk, can cause a stomach upset to your boy. shortly, i will update my post regarding how to make almond powder that can help you in making a instant almond milk for your little one.

  26. says

    Hi Swasthi,can i just add the almond powder directly to the formula milk that&#39;s ready to be given to the baby?<br />Do i need to do something with the almond before i mix it with the milk (e.g boil or fry pan the almond)?<br />Thank you.<br />-jason&#39;s mom-

  27. says

    Sometimes such simple recipes go out of our minds and we tend to buy Health drink powders for the kids. Thank you Swasthi for reminding about this nutritious drink with lots of info highlighting on its benefits :)

  28. says

    Thanks Swasthi for all the trivia about almond milk and how it helps in immunity and tips against phlegm. This is a very easy one to make but brings a lot of benefits for little ones…. Thank you for linking this with Healthy Morsels – Baby and Toddler foods :)