almond yogurt recipe – how to make almond yogurt at home

almond yogurt recipealmond yogurt recipe – Almonds are categorized as one of the best superfoods for the body as well for the mind as they have high concentrations of most nutrients. Today’s fast paced life is filled with stress for everyone from kids to old. Almonds are the best food to beat stress and to calm down the mind. They have been highly revered in Ayurveda from the ancient days to revitalize the body & brain and to cure many ailments. They help in building stronger bones, increasing the memory power, lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, bad cholesterol and cancer.
Using almonds the right way is very important. They must be soaked thoroughly before consumption for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Eating almonds without soaking or cooking can lead to indigestion & accumulation of toxins in the body in the long run.
Today iam going to share a simple almond yogurt recipe that is very healthy. You need not be a vegan to enjoy this. If you are not a vegan, you can go ahead with dairy yogurt as starter and if you are a vegan, explore your local stores for the availability.
Just follow the instructions on the pack along with my preparation method. I have personally never used a non-diary yogurt starter as iam not a vegan. But I have seen a friend using it for making this yogurt as she is a vegan due to some health issues. I have tried making this yogurt without any starter too, that too turned out good, but tastes different. I have mentioned at the end of the post how to make almond yogurt without starter
If your kids do not like to drink almond milk, try this yogurt. Beat the summer heat with almond yogurt.
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almond yogurt recipe - how to make almond yogurt at home
Prep time
Total time
Cuisine: world
Yield / Serves: 1 cup
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
  • 1 cup almonds with skin or blanched
  • ½ tsp diary yogurt starter or any non-dairy starter (culture) (use as mentioned on the pack)
  • 1 tsp sugar or as needed (optional, if you want to sweeten)
  1. Soak almond for at least 5 to 6 hrs. Make sure they are not soaked any longer.
  2. Peel off the skin and grind with little water or milk to a very smooth paste.
  3. Pour this grinded mix in a jar or bowl, place the bowl in hot water to warm up, if you have used iced cold water to grind. Else you can skip this step.
  4. Add your dairy starter (yogurt) and mix well and set aside for 2 hrs in a warm place. The standing time depends on your starter. You can achieve perfection only by trying repeatedly.
  5. If you intend to use a non-dairy starter, just set aside the grinded mix for 2hrs in a warm place along with the starter. (Also refer the instructions on the pack).
  1. If you have any leftover almond pulp or meal after extracting milk from almonds, you can grind it up along with some freshly soaked almonds. Use half pulp and half fresh almonds.
  2. Bring 1 cup of milk to boil, cool it down to a warm temperature, add some almond meal and proceed with adding starter.
Do not leave the yogurt to set for longer than 2 hrs, I advise you to check after 2 hrs, if you intend to keep it for longer. The yogurt can turn sour and ferment and begins to rise like the dough or batter. It will go bad.
Puree the almonds to very smooth texture or paste.


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    • swasthi says

      I haven’t tried using almond powder. I am not sure if it yields a smooth texture that a good yogurt has. May be you can try soaking the almond flour for some time and use in the recipe

  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you Swasthi will try with plain yogurt, i tried the Almond milk the milk is not smooth as i see in your is very coarse..i tried with just 10 almonds soaked for about 6-8hrs, grinded with very little water only

    • says

      It is due to the blade in the mixer probably. i use a panasonic mx 216E mixer grinder which works too good for this. i replace the blades once in 2 yearly. try making in little more quantity and in the smallest jar.probably it could work

  2. Anonymous says

    hi, Am staying in not sure of this starter or culture, can i use a tsp of normal Yogurt to do this almond yogurt.

    • says

      yes, you can use plain yogurt. please read the instructions thoroughly before you try. since chennai is experiencing hot summer now, check after 1 1/2 to 2 hours. do not leave it too long. it will turn sour. good luck

  3. Anonymous says

    thanks for the recipe.just a quick almond yogurt is becoming too bubbly after 3 hours &amp; really tangy with a bitter after it gone bad? i am going to put it in the fridge overnight.will it be ok to eat in the morning?<br /> a starter i used a capsule of healthy bacteria which had 10 billion cells &amp; i also added a capsule of digestive enzymes.

    • says

      Hi Thanks for visiting, iam sure it has gone bad, if it has begum to become bubbly, it is an indication that it is about to rise like the fermented batter. The healthy bacteria capsules must be labeled as suitable to use as starters and not as a pro-biotic capsules. According to my understanding, starters are different from pro biotic. So make sure you use a suitable starter and secondly, i have