Andhra Chili Chicken Recipe – Spicy and hot restaurant style chicken starter

Andhra Chili Chicken Recipe
Andhra Chili Chicken Recipe

                      After years of contentedly grazing in Andhra restaurants in Bangalore, I was a bit addicted to this Andhra Chili Chicken or Green Chili Chicken dry thats been served as an add-on side dish to the vegetarian meals. Actually this is not a dish from Andhra Cusine, but just a name given by restaurateurs and street vendors in Bangalore to denote that the chicken is fiery hot (hot foods are the star of the Andhra cusine). There are 2 versions of this. The restaurant style one is just very simple. The chicken is marinated overnight and then cooked. Whenever they get orders for this dish, they stir fry the cooked chicken in ghee and serve hot. The one that is served as a street food is a deep fried version just like the chili chicken dry recipe | indo chinese style but  tempered with lot of green chilies and curry leaves instead of the sauces. Today iam sharing the restaurant style one, which is very easy and can be called a bachelor’s recipe. The one that is served in the restaurants have a deeper green color than mine, they must be adding food color.
Note: do not attempt to prepare this without enough green chilies, doesn’t taste good.

Andhra Green Chili Chicken dry
Andhra Green Chili Chicken dry
400 gms of small chicken pieces (with bones)
1 tsp cashew powder or corn flour (chose cashew powder if you do not like corn flour, cashews taste better) * updated
Fistful of coriander leaves finely chopped
Ghee as required
Few sprigs of curry leaves
Few garlic cloves chopped
¼ tsp. cumin
6 green chilies slit (remove the seeds)
Marination (grind all the ingredients to a paste without water)
1/4 cup of chopped onions
4 green chilies fried in oil (adjust as per your tolerance, I used extra hot chili so I removed the seeds, if you wish to keep them, you can)
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste or coarsely crushed
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/8 tsp turmeric

1.   Marinate the chicken with the grinded paste for overnight in the refrigerator or atleast for 3 to 4 hrs
2.   Add 1 tbsp ghee to the chicken and cook till it is fully done with no moisture left. if any water is left , cook for a while without covering and evaporate it
3.   Heat a pan with ghee, add all the tempering ingredients and fry till they turn crisp
4.   Add the chicken and fry till the green chili paste on the chicken looks dry. takes around 4 to 6 mins on a medium flame
5.   Sprinkle evenly cashew powder or corn flour on the chicken, evenly is very important, else you will feel the flour while eating, sauté on a medium flame till the raw smell of the cashews or flour goes away. you can use a tea strainer for doing this evenly
6.   Add finely chopped coriander leaves and serve
1.   Add the cashew powder or flour only after the chilli paste looks dry (especially if using flour), else the flour will become sticky and spoils the entire dish. Do not use more flour than the amount mentioned in the list, else the chicken will taste floury.
·         some add vinegar to this while tempering with additional green chili sauce
·         Some restaurants use, very little tender cabbage while tempering, it is fried till it wilts off fully and then chicken is added. I have tried this and did not like.


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