Andhra Mushroom Curry Recipe (Hot and Spicy Mushroom Stir Fry )

Mushroom Curry
Mushroom Curry

Mushroom Curry Andhra Style

 I have already posted a mushroom Masala Recipe (gravy), today iam sharing an Andhra mushroom curry (slightly dry), some also call it as Mushroom Vepudu (stir fry). This is one of the best mushroom curries I have ever tasted.  Since the mushrooms are cooked with their own moisture, (without adding any water), the curry tastes good, the roasted onions too add taste and flavor to the curry.

              White Button mushrooms are a new super food. Researchers have found that white button mushrooms can help in improving immunity, reduce heart diseases and even fight as well reverse cancer. This is one vegetable that is most likely not favoured by vegeteraians as well by non vegeterians probably for their appearance after they are cooked.  Iam one among them. Back home in India, My mom rarely used to cook mushrooms as she always insists that mushrooms must be bought from a reliable source as they are likely to absorb heavy metals or toxins from the soil, if not grown in proper places. Now though I buy from a good source, she suggests me to cook the same day I buy and discard the left over, though refrigerated. So I usually do that.

10 to 12 white button mushrooms
¼ cup of cashews (soaked for 15 mins, do not over soak) (can use blanched almonds or green peas, but cashews taste the best)
¾ cup of chopped onions.
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 green chili slit
2 sprigs curry leaves
pinch of mustard
pinch of cumin
2 to 3 tbsps oil  (I know it is a lot but the recipe needs so much)  (peanut oil is preferred, if you do not have, can use any)
¾ tsp red chili powder
pinch of turmeric
½  tsp homemade biryani masala powder or 1 tsp homemade garam masala powder (store bought will do, but use as per the instructions on the pack, heard that meat masalas go well with this)
salt to taste
1.   Sprinkle plain flour over the mushrooms and begin to peel off the skin from the bottom as shown in the pictures (learnt this from Radhika’s blog long back(tickling palates)). some say they can just be washed and used without peeling
2.   Wash them in a bowl of water, do not soak them in water for long as they tend to become soggy or soft.
3.   Cut only before you add to the curry to avoid them from discoloring. Some remove the hairy part , I sometimes don’t as I find  no difference. cut to desired sizes, I cut  1 mushroom  to 3 pieces

4.   Heat oil in a wide pan, add cumin, mustard , allow them to splutter, add curry leaves and green chili and sauté till you get a good aroma of curry leaves.
5.   Add onions, sprinkle little salt and fry them evenly till they brown. This is very imporatant. refer the pic. while the onions fry , you can chop the mushrooms
6.   Add ginger garlic paste, sauté till you get a good aroma, takes a min
7.   Add cashews and fry on high for 2 mins

8.   Add chopped mushrooms, turmeric, salt and fry on a medium flame till you begin to get an aroma of mushrooms. takes 2 mins
9.   Add red chili powder &  garam masala powder, mix & fry for a min
10.                Cover and cook on a low flame till the mushrooms are cooked, giving a good stir in between. Takes only 2 to 4 not overcook as mrooms tend to become soggy very fast.
Serve with rice and ghee or chapathi

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    Hi Swasthi, your mushroom curry look very inviting. Love the combination with cashew nut. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe.<br /><br />Have a nice week ahead,regards.

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    as usual a perfect recipe from you :) liked your first click swasthi.. and particularly the foreground which makes it more attractive..