Ayurveda for Cold, Sore throat, Phlegm, Chronic Sinusitis and Stomach Flu

 Note: This remedy is not suitable to those having high body temperature like fever or aggravated pitta conditions like burning eyes or dryness.Remember to drink lot of fluids like warm soups, porridge or plain water, helps in flushing out toxins from body.
       The remedies mentioned in tables 1 and 2 both must be taken as a course for cold, sore throat, phlegm or sinus. Turmeric can sometimes lead to belching and heart burn so taking it with the combination mentioned in Table 2, will prevent the discomforts that could be caused by turmeric.
      In case of stomach flu only the remedy mentioned in table 2 (carom seeds pow) has to be consumed.
       These remedies must be started at the first onset of the cold, congestion or sore throat or stomach flu (typically a tummy ache) symptoms. If symptoms worsen or persist after 3 days, pls see a doctor.The other benefits of this combination are
      * Turmeric reduces the nasal/sinus inflammation, sooths congestion and carom seeds are great to expel mucus from sinuses, lungs and stomach.  Worked wonders for my son in healing his chronic sinus.
       * Turmeric can reduce the inflammation in the joints, relieve the joint pains.
       * Carom seeds expel toxins from the body if consumed regularly for more than a month.
       *Carom seeds are effective in relieving chronic constipation, increases digestion and appetite.
       *Carom seeds are very effective in relieving Vata headaches. (my personal experience)
Table 1. Turmeric to be taken after food
10 to 12 months old baby
 0 .5 (half) gm of turmeric pow mixed with a mini pinch of black pepper and jaggery/ palm   sugar/milk  twice daily for not more than 3 to 5 days
1 yr to 2 yrs kids
                0.5 (half) gm of turmeric pow mixed with a pinch of black pepper and  
                honey,  thrice daily for 5 days
6 to 8 yrs kids
                1.25 gms of turmeric pow mixed with a pinch of black pepper and honey,    
                 twice daily for 5 days
              1.5 to 2 gms of turmeric pow mixed with a pinch of black pepper and honey  
               twice daily for 5 days. (can only be taken at bed time also)
Table 2. Carom seeds pow & jaggery /Palm sugar mix in equal quantities to be taken 1 hr before food.
10 to 12 months old baby
1 gm of carom seeds pow & jaggery/palm sugar must be mixed with ¼ to ½  tsp of cow’s ghee and given 2 times a day for 3 to 5 days or can be given longer till the phlegm clears up.
1 yr to 2 yrs kids
 1.5 gms of the above mixture with half a tsp twice daily for 3 to 5 days or can be given longer till the phlegm clears up.
6 to 8 yrs kids
4 gms of the above mixture with a tsp of cow’s ghee must be taken twice daily till the cold and phlegm clears up.
5 gms with a tsp of cow’s ghee twice daily till the cold and phlegm clears up.
How to make the carom pow Mix
1.     Clean and dry roast 50 gms carom seeds on a very low flame. Set aside to cool
2.    Grate 50 gms old jaggery or palm sugar.
3.    Powder carom seeds to fine powder. Sieve if needed.
4.    Pulse the carom pow and jaggery for a minute.
5.    Store it in a clean dry air tight jar. Stays fresh for about a month.
* Always buy pure turmeric if possible organic,many commercial ones have starch, dyes, preservatives  included in them
* old jaggery will have lesser scum of chemicals in it, which are used during processing. Long storage of jaggery evaporates some of these chemicals and will not have a bad impact on us.

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  1. Sudha says


    Thanks for the tip it’s really helpful for people like me since my kids are quite prone to severe cough and cold.

    I have a query –I am planning to give carrom seeds mix to my kids aged 2 yrs and 7 yrs respectively and am planning to give th the mix in the morning and night before sleep however the condition to give this mix 1 hr before food is difficult for me in the mornings because
    they both are early risers and have their breakfast early too . Is it possible to give the mix before lunch and then before dinner or alternatively can I give the mix after food.

    Please suggest it will be of great help


    • swasthi says

      Hi Sudha,
      consuming before food burns toxins, i.e phlegm in chronic cold cases. In my case too this happens , so try giving before food , one hour before lunch and dinner. but i also suggest you try to keep them away from eating any thing for one and a half hours before taking the carom powder. If the symptoms worsen anytime, see a doctor immediately. If the symptoms persist after 3 days for the younger one and 5 days for the elder one, then too see a doctor. hope this helps