Bhapa Sandesh | Easy Indian Sweet Recipe

Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe | Bhapa Sandesh
Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe | Bhapa Sandesh
                       Bhapa Sandesh is nothing but steamed sandesh. I had prepared this sweet during durga navrathri and could not post it since then. Easy to prepare and tastes scrumptious. There are many variations to this. I had prepared 3 versions of Bsandesh, one with condensed milk, another without condensed milk using sugar and the other one with palm sugar. I will update the pics of the last 2 versions later (as I have to dig my laptop for them and running short of time due to the Diwali preparations, anyhow iam posting the recipe for first 2 versions)

I liked the one with condensed milk more, as it is juicy and loved the taste too. Whichever version we opt for, it is an easy to prepare dessert that does not need personal attention. While it steams we can carry on with the other work, that’s what I like about this.  The taste of this (if prepared with condensed milk) is very close to the Paneer Payasam | Chenna Payesh (Paneer Kheer)

Version 1 (recipe with condensed milk)
Time taken : for preparation 5 mins, steaming  40 to 50 mins
1 cup crumbled paneer / Indian cottage cheese (drained of excess water thoroughly)
90 ml sweetened condensed milk
¼ th tsp cardamom powder
Few strands of saffron or 1 tsp rose water
Nuts for garnish
1.   Knead the paneer for 2 to 3 mins
2.   Add cardamom powder & condensed milk & rose water if you wish. Mix well for uniform mixing
3.   Bring water to boil in a steamer or pressure cooker or pan

4.   Transfer the prepared mix to a greased bowl, sprinkle the saffron
5.   Once the water begins to boil, place this bowl in the steamer or pressure cooker (without whistle) and steam on a high flame for 40 to 50 mins. (as high as we use for idlis)
Once cool invert this to a serving tray, garnish with nuts.

Version 2 (recipe without condensed milk)
1 cup paneer
¼  cup powdered sugar
¼ tsp cardamom powder
Few drops  of rose essence
1.   Knead paneer to smoot, if it is too dry, just sprinkle 1 tsp of water.
2.   Add the other ingredients and knead again thoroughly
3.   Transfer this to a bowl and steam for 10 mins on a medium flame.
4.   Once cool transfer this to a tray, cut to desired shapes.

* will update the 3rd version and pics shortly

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