chicken 65 recipe (no egg) – how to make restaurant style chicken 65 recipe

chicken 65 recipe
chicken 65 recipe
            I have come across many versions of chicken 65 recipe, all totally different from one another with different styles Andhra style, restaurant style etc. I have been following vahchef’s recipe since 2008 (much before I became a food blogger), it has never turned me down even when I make this for a crowd. The changes, I made to the original recipe is I use a freshly ground homemade garlic chili sauce instead of the store bought one  and I eliminate the egg as it makes the pieces soggy &  smelly after the chicken pieces cool down and I feel is only worth to go to the bin.  This recipe needs no yogurt and can be made even without egg if you desire. The result will still be juicy and soft chicken. If you make the chicken 65 without egg and yogurt, it can be kept for few hrs while there will be no change in the taste and smell.  It can be refrigerated for later use and heated too.
I have posted a veg version of this with paneer : Hyderabadi  Paneer 65

chicken 65
chicken 65
300 gms of chicken fillet (cut to bite size) (choose tender meat)
1 egg (optional, I have never tried with egg as I cannot tolerate the smell)
1 ½ tbsps. corn flour
oil for deep frying
Chili garlic sauce
5 red chilies (remove the seeds)
5 garlic cloves
½ tsp sugar
1 tbsp vinegar
salt to taste
½  tbsp ginger garlic paste
½ tsp red chili pow
Lemon juice (as per your taste)
½  tsp Pepper pow
1/8 tsp turmeric
Salt to taste
½ tsp cumin
1 tbsp chopped garlic (optional)
1 tbsp chopped ginger (optional)
½ tsp cumin pow (optional)
½ tsp pepper pow
2 green chilies
Few sprigs Curry leaves (as per your desire) 


1.   marinate the chicken with marination ingredients and set aside for atleast 15 mins
2.   Blend all the ingredients under chili garlic sauce with 15 ml water to a smooth paste.

3.   Sprinkle the dry corn flour over the marinated chicken. If you chose to use egg, you can use it at this step. mix well 


4.   Heat oil in a deep pan for deep frying, Once the oil is smoky hot, reduce the flame to medium and wait for a min. fry these pieces till they are cooked fully. Drain them on a kitchen tissue.

5.   Heat a pan with 1 tbsp oil, add curry leaves, green chilies and cumin, fry till leaves turn crisp and set aside for garnish.

6.   pour in the sauce and let it begin to bubble 

7.   When the sauces begin to bubble, add the chicken and toss and fry on high till the chicken absorbs all the sauce.


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    • says

      Hi Nabanita! there are so many stories which are related to this recipe, some say it was a item no 65 in a restaurant menu card , while some say, it must be prepared with a chicken aged less than 65 days. watched vahchefs video and got to know this. thanks dear

    • Stallion says

      Because it was item no 65 on the menu in indian restaurants and it became so popular,people named it chicken 65

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