Chicken vegetable soup

Chicken vegetable soup indian recipe
This Chicken vegetable soup is one dish I never stick on to any particular method. I prepare it in whatever way I feel like and is easy for me. I prepare this almost daily when my kids have cold. I feel it helps them to heal naturally with in few days without any medication.  I generally keep them only on this soup and few spoons of rice, as it is lighter to digest. My 2 yrs old cannot eat his meal without veggies. So I add some. This tastes very close to the chicken vegetable soup that is served in pizza hut in Singapore, except that mine has an added flavor of ghee and spices.
250 gms chicken with bones
1 medium sized carrot
¾ cup of corn
Few tbsps. Lemon juice (helps in fighting flu and cold)
1 tbsp ginger shredded or piece
1 tsp ghee or oil
1 bay leaf
Few pepper corn
2 Small cinnamon stick
3 to 4 cloves
1.   Add corn, chicken, salt, 1 cinnamon stick and few pepper corn to a pressure cooker. pour enough water (3 to 4 glasses) and cook for 3 whistles

2.   Heat a deep pan with oil, sauté the rest of the spices along with ginger
3.   Add carrots and fry for a min

4.   Drain off the chicken stock in the pan and set aside half of the corn and entire chicken
5.   Shred the chicken and add it along with half of the corn to the stock. discard the rest of the corn.
6.   Squeeze in the lemon juice and add pepper powder.

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