Crispy Onion Pakoda | Pakora Recipe

Crispy Onion Pakoda  | Pakora Recipe
Crispy Onion Pakoda 

                                         Most of us crave  for these pakodas with a cup of tea or coffee. Just like the aloo bonda, andhra ponugulu,  stuffed mirch bajji and puffed rice upma (borugulaupma) ,  these are one of the famous street foods of south india. All of us must be knowing Crispy Onion Pakoda  | Pakora Recipe , but still wanted to post this assuming mine to be a different version. This way they do not absorb much oil and remain crispy for a long time too.
1 cup of thinly sliced onions
¼ cup of besan /gram flour (adjust, might need little more)
2 tbsps  semolina (adjust according to besan)
3 Green chilies chopped
3 sprigs curry leaves (chopped)
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Ginger minced
¼ tsp ajwain (adds flavor)
Few broken cashews
1.     Slice onions thinly, separate the layers partially, sprinkle salt on the onions . set aside for 5 to 10 mins
2.     Meanwhile heat oil in a wide pan for deep frying.
3.    After 5 mins, you can see onions would have released  moisture. sprinkle besan & semolina. Mix well.
4.     Add green chilies, curry leaves and other optional ingredients if using
5.     Sprinkle water and mix well to make it slightly moist
6.     Sprinkle some more besan , semolina and mix well. Must be stiff dough. Must not be runny else they will absorb oil.
7.     Once the oil is smoky hot, reduce the fame to medium, take small portions of this mix and drop them in the oil, kepp stiring & fry evenly till golden. 
8.     Drain on a kitchen tissue. Next step is optional.
9.     Once you finish frying all, set the oil to min flame and drop them again in hot oil, let them fry for a min and quickly drain them off on the kitchen tissue. This way they stay crisp for longer while.
Note: Do not drop these in smoky oil when the flame is high, else the pakodas will be browned without frying properly. Once the oil reaches a smoke point, always set the flame to medium and drop the dough.