Detox soup – An Easy Homemade Detox soup recipe

Detox Soup
Detox soup

Please read the entire post before you attempt to consume this.
Years ago, this Detox soup recipe or a close variation to this had been telecasted in almost all Indian channels in health or Ayurveda series. The Popular Dr.OZ ‘s site too has a similar recipe. What is special about this soup? It is just made out of the mung beans or the whole green gram and seasoned with ghee and mild spices. Mung beans are considered to be tridoshic and can balance any kind of doshas in the body effectively; this is purely an ayurvedic terminology which many of us may not understand. To be simple, Ayurveda believes that toxins in the body are the main culprits that bring in health issues to everyone, so we must get rid of these toxins to stay young and healthy. Moong beans are one of the best super foods that can safely detox the body and increase metabolism and keep disorders & diseases at bay.


Ayurvedic experts say this soup detoxes the entire body including liver and improves the overall health. But I have noted down few based on mine, my family and friends’ experiences.

•    Firstly people with arthritis and spondylitis feel a lot of improvement in their symptoms. Remember, I did not say it will heal your arthritis or spondylitis, but after the detox your symptoms are better.

•    Reduces the number of migraine attacks. In my case, it has healed me totally after using it for several years.

•    Removes chronic constipation, regulates bowels flushing out toxins.

•    Improves appetite & digestion.

•    It helps to loose excess weight,

•    Clears acne and improves complexion (if caused due to bad diet).

•    Lastly, after you detox for several days, you feel so light, fresh, much energetic, happy & satisfied.

How to consume this soup:
There are no hard and fast rules. This is how it is generally categorised (source ayurvedic books)

•    For a lighter detox, consume this for 1 week as breakfast and have a light lunch and dinner. No meat, no refined foods and no fried foods
•    For a more concrete detox, consume this throughout the day, any number of times you desire.  Very Light dinner like veg kichidi and or easily digestible fruits, no later than 7 pm. No other food except plain water, throughout the day. This is done for 7 days continuously in a month to lose weight. Has to be done for several months. Ensure that you hydrate yourself well during this. After I did this for 2 months, lost almost 7 kgs without any issues.
•    If you are on a healthy diet always, you may not need to detox intensely. In that case, 1 day in a week, eat nothing else except this soup and plain water, any number of times. Continue for several weeks, 1 day per week.

Note: Not suitable to pregnant & nursing women, diabetics, kids, aged folks and people with unknown liver problems or digestive problems.

Very important

After 1 ½ to 2 hours of consuming this soup, many people experience mild to severe headache and even nausea.  This is a part of the detox process. This happens only for the first 2 to 3 days when you begin the detox.  If you cannot bear, you could eat something immediately and it subsides. but you will not be detoxed well.

You might experience an increase in the bowel movements after 6 hours of consuming this. It is just normal. Though it is not the case with everyone.

Now on to the recipe. It is one of the easiest recipes that can be prepared even by a newbie.

½ cup of Moong beans, green gram
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
pinch of cumin seeds / jeera
pinch of Asafoetida / hing (optional) (to prevent bloating)
1 tsp cow’s ghee / clarified butter
generous pinch of monsoon spice mix  (equal quantities of Cumin (jeera), dry ginger powder(sonti) and  carom seeds (ajwain))
Lemon juice (optional)

Optional veggies
Bottle gourd or carrot
occasionaly you could use palak (Indian spinach)

1.    Soak green gram for overnight, wash and pressure cook with veggies and enough water till soft. mung beans must break open on their own
2.    Heat a small pan with ghee, add cumin, when it splutters, add grated or sliced ginger and fry.
3.    Add this to the soup.
4.    Add salt, spice powder. mix and bring it to a boil and simmer for 2 mins

Add lemon juice and Serve warm

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  1. mumtaz says

    Hi swasthi, loved yo blog:)..just wanted 2 know if I can have this soup since am very slim..n wud consuming this soup make me lose weight

    • swasthi says

      Thanks for the visit Mumtaz. I hope you are slim and not underweight. This is not suitable for folks who are underweight. If you are slim with a healthy body weight, you may not lose much weight, 1 to 2 kgs is normal. But then, the lost weight is from the toxins accumulated which are unhealthy for us, so we are driving away the waste. Even if you lose weight, you can gain back eating healthy. Iam slim too with just the right body weight, so i just consume once a week for 2 weeks in a month, i continue this for 2 to 3 months in an year. I do lose 1 to 2 kgs, but i tend to gain back soon.Try doing it once, if you feel tired, consume it only once a month for 3 months.Do share with us your experience. Please read the post completely before you try and chose the right options.

    • says

      Ayurvedic experts say, you can consume as much as you want at each serving and any number of servings in a day with a gap of atleast 2 hours. But then my personal experience says, we really cannot overeat this. After eating a generous quantity, we tend to feel full and don't feel like eating more. The qty mentioned above, yielded me 2 servings.Hope this is useful

    • says

      Meena! you can use few drops of lemon juice for a tangy taste. Tomatoes are not recommended for this detox recipe. You cannot tweak this recipe much, except a slight change in the spices. but don't worry it tastes great as it is.

  2. says

    Hi Swasthi, your detox soup look so good. Thanks for sharing your recipe and information. Nice click.<br /><br />Have a nice week ahead,regards.<br />

  3. says

    I go de-tox once a while but I don&#39;t try to over do it because it can be energy draining for me. At times I feel so weak therefore I limit the de-tox food. That said, I will reach out to this soup for the next round because it contains the right ingredients for a lovely splatter for my taste buds.