dry dates juice , how to make dry dates juice

dry dates juice
dry dates juice- Learn how to make dry dates juice at home. An easy summer drink.
Extracting juice from dry dates is an ayurvedic recipe that has been cherished from the times Ayurveda came into existence, 100s of years ago. It is a good remedy for sun stroke, dehydration and weakness.
One might wonder what kind of a juice can be made using dry dates, with something that has been dehydrated to the core. Yes you can prepare a nice healthy summer drink out of these dehydrated dates that has high nutritional values. please google to know more on the nutritional values.
soaking dry dates
These dates are called as endu kharjuram in telugu, vana kharjura in kannada and uttati in some parts of south India. These are different from the fresh dry dates. Refer the pic below. These dates have high nutritional values almost the double of what the fresh dates have except vitamin c, that is almost nil due to dehydration process. Even carbohydrates are doubled when compared to the fresh dates so gives an instant energy boost when consumed. So it makes a healthy & cooling drink for summers.
making dry dates juice
In our family, this is the only drink that is given to babies from 8 months onwards during the hot season to prevent dehydration. Due to the high iron content and other minerals, the babies look and feel good within a few days. But care must be taken to use clean sterile utensils and other cutlery to prepare the juice otherwise the baby can have a stomach infection.

find complete dry dates juice recipe below

dry dates juice , how to make dry dates juice
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Drinks
Yield / Serves: 1
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
  • 4 to 8 with 1 cup water. 4 gives a very mild flavor.
  • Sweetener as needed
  • Optional ingredients
  • Green cardamom powder
For babies above10 months:
  • 2 dry dates soak in 120 ml water.
  1. Method: Whether the juice is for a baby, kid or an adult, the preparation process is the same.
  2. Clean up the dates using a brush, as these have lot of debris accumulated on them.
  3. Break open and remove the seed and discard. You can do this in bulk and store them in an air tight dry jar. Alternately you can soak them as it is and remove the seed later. But if you break open, you can inspect for unwanted particles.
  4. Wash thoroughly the required amount of dates in lot of water before you use. Drain
  5. Bring one cup of water to a boil, off the heat and add these dates and leave it for at least 4 hrs or overnight. They will swell and become soft once they are soaked.
  6. For babies: just mash up the soaked dates thoroughly, filter and discard the pulp. Use this juice within the next 2 hours. You can use a feeding bottle to feed this juice.
  7. If you do not like the flavor of dry dates. You can make a juice out of the fresh dates too. Soak them in warm water for few hours, blend and strain. Add your favourite fruit juice or a few drops of lemon.

dates lemonade
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  1. says

    This is very important information for those who want to eat living food. Thanks for the information. Can one add fresh fruits like water melon, apples grips, to the date juice<br />

  2. says

    Thanks Sylvia! Thanks for the compliment, the water in which we soak up the dates is very nutritious and indeed contains more of the nutrients, while the fiber and protein is in the pulp. So it is good to have both. Drink up the water and eat up the pulp. I will update the post clearly.

  3. Sylvia says

    Hi, loved your site, esp since my kid is a fussy eater and your health recipes worked wonders.<br /><br />Just needed a clarifcation in this receipe.For adults do we use only the soaked dates or we also use up the water in which it was soaked overnight to make the juice.<br /><br />Thanks