Egg Fried Rice with boiled eggs – Indian egg fried rice recipe

Egg Fried Rice Indian Recipe
Egg Fried Rice Indian Recipe
                    This Egg Fried Rice with boiled eggs  is especially suitable for eggetarians who do not like the smell of scrambled egg.  Some cannot eat foods with scrambled eggs as they get irked at the smell of it. Once the egg is broken, they feel it smells weird, they just cannot eat inspite of adding masala or sauces or whatever. I do have friends like that. Such people choose to eat hard boiled eggs instead. Last week I had a friend at home for lunch, she feels the same about eggs. This is what I made for both of us. If you wish you can use sauces to suit your taste. I did not add any as she chose to go with the plain one.
Egg Fried Rice Indian style
Egg Fried Rice Indian style

Egg Fried Rice with boiled eggs


Serves 2
¾ cup of rice (soaked and cooked . do not make the rice mushy)
2 hard boied eggs (pierce them with a fork twice)
¾ cup of veggies (of your choice, I used spring onions (white and greens separated), bell peppers)
2 to3 tbsps olive oil
pepper powder as per your taste
1 tbsp garlic
1 ½ tsp. vinegar (optional)
Method (to be done on high heat from step 2)
1.   Soak rice for some time and cook. Do not overcook as it gets mushy.
2.   Heat a pan on a high heat with oil. fry eggs till golden and set aside
3.   Add garlic and sauté till you get an aroma

4.   Add the white onions and capsicums. fry till they are almost cooked but the capsicum must still be crunchy
5.   Add spring onions and sauté for a min
6.   Add the rice, pepper pow, eggs and vinegar. Fry for a min or 2.


If you wish to add the sauces, refer my veg fried rice for the proportions of sauces to use. You can just pour the sauces together with vinegar at step 5.