how to make almond milk at home

how to make almond milk
how to make almond milk


How to make almond milk at home

         I have already posted a recipe on almond milk for babies and kids, the ayurvedic  way to combat growth problems in kids, malnutrition, debility and insomnia in all age groups . Ayurveda does not encourage extracting the milk from almonds and using the milk alone, instead almonds have to be ground to smooth and used as there are nutrients even in the pulp too. I consider extracted milk to be processed one and somewhat like the store bought packaged processed almond milk, WHFoods refers this as “filtered almond water”.  So my almond milk recipes are not for extracting the milk but making milk from ground almonds with pulp. so it is as good as eating whole almonds but in a better way that aids in better digestion and nutrient absorption. Almonds must be thoroughly soaked overnight or atleast for 6 hrs to get smoother and richer milk. Almond milk is rich in calcium and helps to prevent and deal with Osteoporosis. This milk can be used as an alternate to cow’s milk for kids with lactose intolerance. It can also be used to make your payasam, coffee, chocolate smoothie or hot chocolate……….the list merely doesn’t seem to end.
This post comes after few of my readers who were preparing the almond milk (the recipe that i had posted earlier), were interested to know if it can be made in bulk & stored and how to get smoother & richer milk with less wastage (left out from filtering). Today iam sharing an easy homemade raw almond milk recipe that you can make on a weekend, refrigerate and use it throughout the week to make the saffron almond milk for your kids instantly or you can use it as it is adding a sweetner. This post comes after 5 days of making this milk and refrigerating it and the milk tasted as good as on the first day. For those who want to introduce this milk to your kids I recommend you to read my almond milk for babies and kids post to know the benefits of that milk before you introduce this milk to your child.
Some don’ts


1.   do not soak your almonds in hot water, as nutrients may leach in the water


2.   do not add lot of water at one time while blending, as this leaves lot of coarse grains in the milk. add water little by little, blending after each addition


3.   do not use almonds that are not soaked well, as this doesn’t yield you smoother milk.
Ingredients (makes 4 cups of raw milk , can make 8 cups of saffron almond milk)
1 cup of almonds or blanched almonds
3 cups of boiled water and cooled completely to room temperature for blending(to increase the shelf life)
additional water as needed for soaking (use boiled and cooled water)
A Mixer grinder or a food processor (I tried using my FP, but my mixer grinder did a better job than the FP, I used the biggest jar that is used to grind the batter)

fine strainer ( i use a coffee filter)

1. Wash and soak almonds in water (at room temperature) for aleast 6 hrs.

2. Remove the skin, wash and drain water. 

3. Add water little by little and blend smoothly. Very smoothly. Use up the entire water at the end and blend
4. using the cheese cloth or filter, strain the milk to a clean and dry utensil. Use a spoon to stir the thick milk while you filter. You can use the left over coarse paste for some curry or other recipes.  Refer the pic I was left with hardly ½ tsp paste for 1 cup of almonds. but if your blender cannot grind it smooth or if you use a cheese cloth to filter, you might be left with more coarse paste.


I did not freeze this milk as iam sure the texture and taste will change. If you wish you can try. I used glass bottles whatever I had in my kitchen. Olive oil bottles, baby juice bottles etc. I had washed with mild soap and vinegar . Pour the milk and close the lid tightly.You can store them in separate tiny bottles for each serving.
How to use

1.   If you are a raw food lover, can drink it up as it is after stirring in some sweetener
2.   You can mix ½ cup of raw almond milk with half a cup of cow’s milk and microwave to warm up stir in the sweetener and use.
3.   Pour it over your fav cereals and enjoy or can use even for your curries
4.   Use half a cup of raw almond milk with half a cup of cow’s milk and Make saffron almond milk
Serving size
Though iam not an expert, I will share what is an ideal serving size according to me. ½ a cup of the above made almond milk makes a single serving for kids above 4 yrs, you can dilute it with water or milk to make it 1 cup. This ½ cup of milk consist app 9 t0 10 almonds. For younger children reduce the serving size to whatever qty you think is appropriate.
·         I have soaked the almonds to get smoother milk; you can use the blanched nuts directly for blending as well, but there would be more coarse granules left out in the filter.
·         I have made this using boiled and cooled water for a better shelf life. The results of shelf life might vary if you use regular water.

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    • swasthi says

      I have never tried mixing almond milk with boost or any other health powders. Mixing so might lead to a tummy ache and a gradual indigestion after consuming for few days. Boost is already high in nutrients, mixing with almond milk may not be a good idea. if it is for the kids, try using good quality cocoa powder.

  1. says

    Hi Swasthi;<br /><br />Thank you and it was very useful to me because all this while I was wondering on how to make batches and keep them in the fridge. You made my day!!!! Have a womderful day ahead. Wishing you and your family Happy Boghi and Sankranthi.