how to make aloe vera juice – aloe vera juice recipe

aloevera juice recipe, how to make aloe vera juice
how to make aloe vera juice
Aloe Vera is considered to have many medicinal benefits and has the ability to cure many ailments, right from small burns & cuts to detoxifying the body and building immunity. Though some say it is beneficial even in cancer treatments there is yet no scientific evidence on it. Aloe Vera can be added to smoothies, drinks or fruit juices. But before I proceed forward on how to extract the gel or make the juice, I would like to share with you this
1. Aloe Vera has the ability to detoxify our body, but it doesn’t mean it is not toxic. Aloe Vera leaf has a toxic part which has to be removed safely, properly & discarded, before you use the gel. Please read this article. I have heard many people make use of whole aloe Vera leaf including the rind to make curries and stir fries which is absolutely toxic. Sometimes can even lead to diarrhea and stomach cramps. If you are in the habit of making such curries, please avoid in future
2. Do not exceed 1 to 2 tsp of gel a day when taken internally. How long can this be taken safely? I suppose none of the herbal plants other than categorized as vegetables and fruits must be consumed for more than 5 to 7 days as they will result in unknown side effects.
aloe vera guava juice
If you like to make your own gel and preserve it, remember that the extracted gel gets oxidized and medicinal benefits will be diminished within a short time, though you refrigerate it. However if you think this is better than the bottled one that is sold in the stores, proceed with the steps mentioned below to make your homemade aloe vera juice or gel.

how to make aloe vera juice with step by step pictures

1. Wash Aloe Vera leaf under running water to remove mud and dirt.
washing aloe for aloe vera juice recipe
2. Dry it with an absorbent cloth and let the rind dry completely.
how to make aloe vera juice step 2

3. Take a kitchen scissor and cut down the edges to remove the thorny parts and to open up the leaf.
cut the leaf for making aloe vera juice

4. With a sharp knife, you can remove the rind on one side, along with the inner yellowish part. The inner gel must look clear free from any yellow or green parts, if you see just scrape them off.
removing the gel for aloe vera juice recipefillet the aloe vera leaf

5. Fillet the gel with a knife or take a spoon and extract the gel. Make sure you don’t scrape the rind at the bottom.
aloe vera gel for making juice

Your gel is ready. Need ideas on how to use this? You can blend 2 tsps. of this gel with plain water or with dates or with orange juice or with coconut water or barley water or with just lemon juice and add your desired sweetener. Absolutely refreshing, soothing and cooling.

homemade aloevera juice
If you have a aloe Vera plant in your back yard, raid it this summer to grab the health benefits and to keep your body super cool.
Note: Some people could be allergic to aloe Vera

find how to make aloe vera juice recipe below

how to make aloe vera juice - aloe vera juice recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Extract aloe vera from and make juice
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: World
Yield / Serves: 1
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
To extract
  • 1 aloe vera leaf
to make juice
  • 2 tsp aloe vera gel
  • 1 cup of water or any vegetable or fruit juice
  • sweetener as desired
  • lemon juice as needed (optional)
  1. wash aloe vera leaf. pat dry with a cloth
  2. slit one of the edges with a scissor and open up the outer layer.
  3. Scoop off the gel, discard any greenish gel.
  4. Store it in a dry jar and refregerate for further use. (read the complete post for details)
  5. Add 2 tsp gel to any fruit juice and blend.
  6. Serve immediately.
Please read the entire post

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    • swasthi says

      Hi Neetu, it stays good for about 2 weeks. But as i said in the post, the longer we store it more oxidization happens and the medicinal values begin to diminish. So the best way is to grow aloe vera at home and cut only a part of the leaf whenever needed. Yes it is beneficial in muscles pain especially the joint pains or knees in the elderly folks. It is said that it lubricates the joints and hence the movements are much easier. But care must be taken not to overuse it especially during winters as it is very cooling to the body. My mother and many elderly women in my family have used and they say it works as long as it is consumed. Hope this helps

  1. Rashmi Sharma says

    Wow this one is really amzing.
    I knew that aloe is of Great Help to Body , But it was a lways hard to consume , but this looks like a simple way of making a refreshing Drink

  2. says

    I love aloe vera and never thought of making my own before…until now. Thanks for sharing the idea. My mom has a few aloe vera plants. I think I need to visit her and get some fresh leaves. 😉