kids lunch box recipes, south indian lunch box recipes for kids

kids lunch box recipes

Kids lunch box recipes, south Indian veg recipes

If you are here looking for kids snacks recipes for the snack box, check this post on healthy Indian snacks recipes
Finding ideas for kids lunch box is one of the challenging tasks for many mums, especially if the kids are fussy or demanding. As mums we are more interested to load their boxes with nutrition and want to make it interesting for the kids. Iam a vegetarian which it comes to packing Lunch box, I do not pack anything that has been prepared with egg or meat, since the food is stored for several hours before consumption. Egg and meat are supposed to be eaten within 2 hours of preparing. I have put together some of my recipes that are good for lunch boxes, all these are mostly Indian that can be made in less than an hour. There are no pasta and noodles recipes, since I do not think they remain good or tasty after few hours.
Kids are different some like to eat only rice based dishes as they are lazy to chew roti /chapathi or bread and they feel rice can be finished faster. While some like to eat only finger foods like roti or roti rolls or sandwiches. After a short survey talking to other mums, I have understood that most kids love to munch on some finger foods like roti rolls, sandwich or burgers, so that they could rush to play in the leisure .

lunch box recipes for kids – rice recipes

You can pack these either with a salad or some healthy baked chips or a stir fried vegetable to make it interesting. I have posted more than 36 rice recipes, feel free to check the rice tab on the menu for better choice. Below is the list of recipes that have been liked by my friend’s kids, readers’ kids’ and my kids for lunch box.

All the fried rice recipes can be made without using soya sauce. Just skip them in the recipe. Use a good quality vinegar. Limit the use of soya sauce for kids. It is a hormone disruptor and is not good to use often. If using, use naturally brewed or organic soya sauce. Kikkoman is one of the popular brands of naturally brewed soya sauce available in India as well. Avoid the use of sauces with added msg, colors or preservatives in E series.

methi rice recipe, how to make methi rice

methi rice recipe
methi rice recipe - quick and easy rice recipe for lunch box or dinner. It can be served alone with ...

chana dal pulao recipe | chana dal rice recipe

chana dal pulao
chana dal pulao recipe - one pot rice recipe that is easy, nutritious and protein filled. It goes well for ...

sweet corn fried rice | sweet corn rice recipe

sweet corn rice
sweet corn fried rice recipe using very few ingredients. This fried rice is made without any sauce or vinegar. It ...

lemon pudina rice | lemon mint rice recipe

lemon mint rice
lemon pudina rice - one of the most easiest and flavorful rice that can be made for lunch box or ...

carrot rice recipe, how to make carrot rice recipe

carrot rice recipe swasthis recipes
carrot rice recipe - Quick rice recipe for the busy days, can make it for lunch, dinner or for lunch ...

beetroot rice recipe | beetroot pulao recipe

beetroot pulao recipe
beetroot rice recipe - Healthy rice made in a pulao style. Quick and easy one pot meal that goes well ...

capsicum rice recipe | capsicum pulao recipe | rice recipes

capsicum rice recipe swasthis
capsicum rice recipe - A spicy capsicum pulao that can be made under 30 minutes. It goes good in lunch ...

pineapple fried rice recipe | vegetarian thai pineapple fried rice recipe

thai pineapple fried rice
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lemon rice recipe | how to make south indian lemon rice recipe

lemon rice
lemon rice recipe - lemon rice is one of the most commonly made south Indian rice dish. It is usually eaten ...

coconut rice recipe, how to make coconut rice

coconut rice recipe
coconut rice is one of the favorite among South Indians. It is very easy to make, can be prepared in ...

kids’ lunch box recipes – easy paratha, bread sandwich recipes

These are not stuffed parathas and are easy to make. Some of them do not need much kneading and soaking time too, yet they turn out to be mouth melting. These parathas do not need any side dish, but if you wish to include more veggies, you can use these to roll up some steamed or sauteed veggies. A chutney or salad too makes a good side for these. I have also included some bread sandwich recipes which are liked by kids.

palak paratha recipe | spinach paratha recipe

palak paratha recipe swasthis
palak paratha recipe - easy, healthy and delicious spinach paratha with step by step photos. I make this often for ...

lauki paratha recipe | bottle gourd paratha | paratha recipes

lauki paratha recipe
lauki paratha recipe - paratha made using bottle gourd, mild spice powders and whole wheat flour. I use bottle gourd ...

cabbage paratha recipe | easy paratha recipe

cabbage paratha recipe
cabbage paratha recipe - an healthy and easy vegetable paratha recipe with step by step photos.   cabbage paratha goes ...

chocolate sandwich, how to make chocolate sandwich

chocolate sandwich recipe
chocolate sandwich can be a quick breakfast or snack if you have the bread in hand. I make chocolate sandwich ...

potato sandwich, how to make aloo sandwich recipe

potato sandwich
potato sandwich or aloo sandwich is one of the most delicious and easy Indian sandwich recipes that can be made ...

pav bhaji recipe, how to make pav bhaji recipe

pav bhaji recipe
pav bhaji recipe - pav is an Indian bread and bhaji is mashed vegetables cooked with spice powder. Learn how ...

paneer paratha recipe – easy paneer paratha recipe

paneer paratha recipe
paneer paratha recipe that needs no stuffing. I rarely make stuffed parathas, since my kids dont show much interest in ...

Pav bhaji for kids lunch box – easy kids lunch box recipe

Lunch Box pav bhaji for kids
Today iam sharing how to make Pav bhaji for kids' lunch box , one of the easy kids' Lunch Box ...

Sweet Paratha Rolls – Kids Healthy Breakfast, Lunch Box Recipe

sweet paratha rolls recipe
It’s been a long time since I shared a kid’s recipe here. Today’s Sweet Paratha Rolls are surely going to ...

sweet potato puran poli recipe (bobbatlu recipe)

sweet potato puran poli recipe
sweet potato puran poli recipe - puran poli is a classic Indian sweet stuffed flat bread that is mostly prepared ...


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kids lunch box recipes , south indian veg kids lunch box recipes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Indian
Yield / Serves: 2
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
  • Rice or wheat flour
  • veggies as needed
  • spices as needed
  • oil as needed
  1. For detailed instructions please refer the recipe links provided in the post above.


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  1. Lavanya says

    Tried your potato rice today and my daughter liked it… Who normally complains for keeping rice in her lunch box…It was so easy to do in the morning hurry… Thank you

    • swasthi says

      Welcome Lavanya,
      I am happy she liked it.
      I suggest you try other rice recipes too mentioned in this post, they are very easy and have been loved by my kids. For years i had a trouble with my kids not liking rice for lunch box, but these recipes have been a hit with them. Thanks for the feedback

    • swasthi says

      Hi Varsha, Try beetroot orange juice or beetroot lemon juice. If you use very nice sweet oranges, kids will surely like it. To make just use a small piece of beetroot and pour the orange juice and blend well. Use a muslin cloth and filter the juice. I suggest not adding sugar. If your kid doesn’t like then you can add little. You can also try pineapple and beetroot juice. I will share more recipes soon. Hope these help

  2. Ramya says

    thank u so much, great ideas, keep on continuing . My daughter now she enjoys her luch..,thank u so much

  3. kalyani says

    Hi. I was confused nd clueless wat to pack forlunch.your recepies gave me the perfect answer.thank you so much.keep posting evn more recepies for kids

  4. Devi says

    Thank you for sharing your recipes. Enjoyed it by making and loved it by eating. Many appreciations. Thank you.