Meal Maker (soya chunks) fry recipe – how to make soya chunks fry

Meal maker fry (soya chunks fry)
Meal maker fry (soya chunks fry)

                     Cooking tasty dishes with soya chunks or meal maker also called as the vegetarian textured protein is not an easy task for many as the chunks taste bland. Though cooked with spices, they do not absorb the flavor completely if not marinated. Much like the meat, this surely needs marination to taste great. This Meal maker fry recipe is almost the same as my Andhra chicken fry | kodi vepudu. This soya chunks fry is an easy andhra style one that can be prepared by bachelors too in no time.

Unlike the Soya Chunks Curry | Meal Maker Curry , today’s fry looks very dry unless a lot of oil is used. To prevent this, either you need to use more oil or off the heat while the chunks are still moist. However if you do not mind them being dry (like me), you can fry for longer.


Serves 2 to 3
1 sprig curry leaves
2 to 3 garlic cloves chopped small
pinch of cumin
1 green chili
pinch of clove powder + pinch of cinnamon powder (you could use pav bhaji masala or chat masala too)
8 to 10 almonds or cashews or ¾ tbsp. each of channa dal and urad dal (cashews taste the best, next dals taste good, use almonds for a healthier version )
oil as needed (I used 1 tbsp, yet it looks dry)
1 cup of soya chunks
1 large onion
1 hot green chili
½ tsp hot red chili powder
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp basic garam masala powder (I used my homemade garam masala powder made only of  coriander, cumin, pepper, cardamoms, cinnamon and cloves) (if you are using a stronger garam masala, pls reduce the quantity)
little turmeric
salt to taste
1 tsp melted ghee
1 tbsp lemon juice


how to make soya chunks fry

1.   Soak soya chunks in warm water till they soften. Squeeze them off to remove the foamy yellow water. Rinse in cold water and repeat the squeeze. This way repeat the cold water rinse atleast twice. Apart from removing the dirt and debris it also helps in reducing stomach gas.
2.   Marinate the chunks with the marination ingredients and set aside for atleast 30 mins.
3.   Cover the pan and begin to cook the marinated soya chunks on a low flame for about 10 to 15 mins. At the end there, must be no water left. if water is left, cook on medium heat to evaporate the water
4.   Heat a wide pan with oil, add cumin, curry leaves, chili, and garlic and fry till the garlic begins to release a nice aroma. add clove and cinnamon powder
5.   Quickly add the cooked chunks and mix well. cook on medium high for 3 mins
6.   Sprinkle the nut powder evenly and fry till you get the aroma of roasted nut powder. I fry for about 5 mins more. if you want the chunks to be moist,  fry only for 2 to 3 mins.
7.   I used lemon juice at the end, since I forgot to add to the marination at step 2. but do use at step 2 for a greater taste
Serve hot with rice and rasam or as a starter
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    My fav is the soy chunks and yes, its a way to being vegetarian and when added the right ingredients, the flavors can be uplifting. I can see that in your recipe, top notch with a spicy tinge for a beautiful outcome.

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