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Oats Laddu
Oats Laddu

This Oats Laddu is one of the Easy Indian Sweets Recipes that I love to prepare often for my family. It can be prepared with sugar or jaggery and not much of ghee is needed. They are non-sticky while you hold on and slightly chewy and taste good. They can be made absolutely fat free or vegan by eliminating the ghee. I had posted an oats burfi recipe last Diwali, so this time thought of sharing this laddu recipe too. This recipe is a no fail one and needs no string consistency, while the burfi can become powdery or may not set well, if one goes wrong with the string consistency. So do try this healthy Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe.

I have used organic brown sugar cubes this time; you can use white sugar or brown sugar or even jaggery. But the jaggery ones might be sticky.

Oats Laddu Recipe
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Makes 16 ladoos
200 gms sugar
100 gms rolled oats (1 cup)
150 gms grated fresh coconut (i used frozen coconut)
¼ tsp. green cardamom powder
1 tbsp. water
1 tsp. ghee /coconut oil / vegetable oil or butter +for greasing the palms
Ghee roasted Nuts and raisins as needed
1.   Dry roast oats in a heavy bottom pan till you get a nice aroma. Do not discolor them. Set this aside to cool

2.   Powder this coarsely in a mixer. Set aside

3.   Add 1 tbsp water, coconut and sugar, mix and begin to cook
4.   After a while, the coconut will begin to release moisture. Add green cardamom powder.

5.   Continue to cook till all the water evaporates. You can even see tiny sugar strings in the mix. 


6.   Add the oats powder, mix well and off the heat. Do not continue to cook else the mix will become dry and may not bind together to make balls.

 6. Add the raisins,nuts and ghee.Mix well.

 Transfer this to a plate and let it cool for around 5 mins, grease your palms and take small portions of this mix and roll to balls

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