Oats Recipe for Diabetics – Indian Oats Breakfast Recipe

Oats Recipe for diabetics
Oats Recipe for diabetics
             Oats Recipe for Diabetics. iam not a diabetic nor a gestational diabetic, still I eat this, it is delicious, nutritious and more like a chat that tickles your taste buds and you will long for more. Just like my oats Upma Recipe , this one too needs Steaming oats and it could be one of the best ways to eat and enjoy oats as they do not turn soggy.This recipe is a generalized one suitable for most diabetics and gestational diabetics. However, there can be people whose blood sugar’s rise in spite of eating right, as their body needs medication, no matter how good and best they eat. So please monitor your blood sugar levels after 1 ½ to 2 hrs. Of consumption of these foods, to know whether it is suitable for you or can it still spike your BS levels.
All the ingredients are approximations only for you to get an idea. Please adjust the quantity of the ingredients as per your body’s tolerance. A simple example can be Chapathi or Roti, is very well tolerated by some even when they eat 3, while for most even 1 ½ roti can give a spike. The same I have seen for whole milk, while some can easily manage even after drinking 2 servings of whole milk, while for some even a 200 ml can give a sudden spike. It all depends on your body’s hormones and metabolism. iam no expert in human medicine nor in nutrition and diet. I have tried to put my best, please take a dietician’s opinion before you try these, especially if you have gestational diabetes. I suggest you refer the web to find out the GI levels of the main ingredients and the kind of carbs they contain, to understand what is right for you.
Please note that eating foods mushy or in the porridge form or mashed form too can spike your sugar levels, even though they are made out of whole grains. So try to cook them thoroughly but not mushy, consume them as a whole grain. If possible try soaking them overnight, for better digestibility.
indian oats recipe
indian oats recipe

Serves 1

½ cup of rolled oats
fistful of matki (moth beans) (soaked for atleast 3 hrs or overnight)
1 small onion
1 red chili or green chili
1 sprig curry leaves
2 tsps oil or ghee
1 tsp grated coconut
2 tsps grated carrot
1 tsp coriander leaves chopped
pinch of each mustard and cumin seeds
½ tsp ginger shredded 
1 tbsp lemon juice
1.   Pressure cook matki with very little water and salt for 1  to 2 whistles

2.   Wash oats quickly and drain up the water thoroughy and steam cook immediately for exactly 4 to  5 mins on a high flame,( like we do for idli)

3.   After the steaming is done, remove immediately and sprinkle some salt and 1 tsp oil over it, and mix lightly. this is done to prevent the oats from becoming mushy

 4.   Heat a pan with 1 tsp oil, add mustard cumin, chili and curry leaves, ginger , let the seeds splutter, increase the flame to high, add the matki and if any left over water is there ,just let it evaporate completely otherwise the dish can turn soggy.

5.   Add the oats, turmeric and fry on a high flame for 2 mins.off the heat
add the lemon juice, carrot, coconut and coriander leaves, mix and serve.



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    Healthy and delicious.. I have recently started using oats and looking for different ways to cook it. Definitely will try your recipe.. :)

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    Loads of nutrition in just one plate :) surely must be full of goodness :) if you had not mentioned oats i dont think i would have found it out :P