Paneer fried rice recipe, how to make paneer fried rice

Paneer Fried Rice
paneer fried rice recipe
Most Kids love to eat paneer in the form of cubes or pieces rather than eating in a scrambled form.  My kids too are like that. When I made the Paneer Fried Rice with crumbled paneer, my kids did not like it and it went to the bin twice. So I make it in a different way with paneer cubes. I marinate them else it tastes bland. Sometimes, I make with sauces too just like the Chicken Tikka Fried Rice, it turns great.
However  I do not prefer sauces much so today I made the paneer tikka on stove top and then made the fried rice with them. This paneer tikka fried rice can be made either way with sauces or using the paneer tikka marination. If you wish to use the sauce version, pls check at the end of this post, I have mentioned the right quantity of sauces. Either way this fried rice makes a perfect one for a lunch box.
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paneer fried rice recipe below

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Paneer fried rice recipe, how to make paneer fried rice
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Paneer fried rice is made using paneer cubes (Indian cottage cheese). paneer is marinated and fried on stove top and then added to the fried rice
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Indian
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
  • 1 cup of uncooked long fragrant rice (any)
  • ¼ cup of thinly sliced peppers / capsicums (red and green)
  • ¼ cup of carrots and Spring onions (separate white and greens)
  • ½ to ¾ tbsp. vinegar (optional)
  • 2 tbsps olive oil (can reduce)
  • 1 tsp oil for frying paneer
  • Marination
  • ½ to ¾ cup of paneer cubes
  • 2 to 3 tbps of yogurt
  • red chili powder as needed
  • salt to taste
  • Jumbo pinch of turmeric
  • ½ tsp ginger garlic paste (optional)
  • ¼ tsp garam masala
  1. Marinate paneer with the marination ingredients and set aside for atleast 15 mins
  2. Soak the rice for 15 to 30 mins and cook in lot of water till it is done. Do not overcook and make the rice mushy. Drain off the water and set this rice aside. if you are using a sticky variety of rice, add few drops of oil to the water while cooking rice
  3. Heat a wide pan with 1 tsp oil, add the paneer along with the marinade and cook on medium high till the paneer turns crisp. This step takes only 3 to 4 mins, try using a wide pan, else the yogurt will take long time to evaporate and paneer could turn hard. set these aside
  4. paneer fried rice recipe
  5. Add olive oil to the same pan, add carrots and white part of spring onions, sauté till carrots are half done
  6. Add bell peppers and sprinkle some salt and fry till capsicums are almost done
  7. Add fried paneer and green onions, toss everything well.
  8. Add rice, pepper powder and vinegar, mix and fry on high for 2 mins
Sauces for Indochinese style (skip step 2 , fry paneer at step 6 ,mix all sauces and pour in the pan, when the sauces begin to bubble add rice and pepper powder)
½ to ¾ tbsp. vinegar
1 tbsp chili sauce (green, red any)
1 tbsp soya sauce
½ tbsp. garlic sauce


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  1. neeraja says

    1.if i make fried rice, my kid says its very dry when she eats it afternoon.Also it is very hard for her to much and swallow. How could we avoid it.
    2. Can we use vinegar regularly, will it not create stomach upset for childrens?

    • swasthi says

      Hi Neeraja,
      There are 3 ways you can prevent the fried rice from becoming dry.
      1. Once i finish making the fried rice, i cover the pan and set aside for 5 minutes. This helps to keep the rice soft.
      2. Another way is to cook rice without draining. If making for kids, it is always preferred not to drain to retain the nutrients in rice.
      3. Do not fry the rice after you add it to the pan. Add the rice switch off the stove. Just mix it.

      If your kid is above 6 years, using vinegar once a week is just fine. Vinegar has health benefits if used in moderation and if overused can damage the lining of the stomach since it is an acidic ingredient. It may also result in ulcers. So you can make it once in a week, try making pulao varieties more.
      Hope this helps

  2. says

    Swasthi, your fried rice looks so yummy! I am not too sure about paneer as I generally don't like cheese except for cheddar cheese. I guess I could leave it out and I bet it will taste as good!