Pumpkin Halwa with Moong Dal – kaddu ka halwa

pumpkin halwa with moong dal recipe
Pumpkin halwa with moong dal
Pumpkin and moong dal are made for each other. Both denote a symbol of festivity and divinity. Both are used towards the preparation of naivedhyam during festivals.
This Pumpkin halwa with moong dal recipe is my own which I developed years ago and is surely prepared atleast once a year.
This Pumpkin halwa gets a unique taste which cannot be related to any another dessert. I have not used any artificial colors, the bright color you see is from the pumpkin
To prepare this halwa, you need to be really patient as it needs constant stirring, an exercise to your arms. But the results are worth, trust me.
If you have a food processor, your job becomes much simpler since you can grate your pumpkin in your food processor.
If interested check a simple moong dal halwa. If you are looking for more sweets using pumpkin, you could check pumpkin kheer (payasam) and paneer pumpkin sweet

Recipe for Pumpkin Halwa with Moong Dal

1 cup moong dal
4 cups grated pumpkin
1.5 cups sugar (adjust as per your taste)
¼ tsp. cardamom pow
Fistful chopped pistas
1 tbsp. Rose water
4 tbsp. ghee or oil

how to make pumpkin halwa with moong dal below

1. Wash and soak moong dal for 2 hours. Add 1 cup of water and blend to a smooth batter.
2. Heat a thick bottom vessel or a nonstick pan, add ghee and fry the grated pumpkin till the raw smell goes off. Switch off the flame.
3. Add the grinded dal batter to the fried pumpkin and mix well to blend the batter and pumpkin well.
4. On a low flame begin to cook, keep mixing well to prevent lumps.
pumpkin halwa recipe
5. When the mixture thickens, add sugar & rose water, take away from the flame and stir well to remove lumps if any and continue to cook till it reaches a ball consistency. (a small ball can be formed when rolled with fingers)This will take around 25 to 30 minutes. Since pumpkin has lot of moisture in it, takes long time to reach the desired consistency.
6. Once it reaches the desired consistency, transfer the mixture to a greased tray and spread the mixture evenly. Grease your palms and give a smooth finish to the halva. Sprinkle the roasted pistas and tuck them in the halva. Let it set for 1 hour, with a greased knife cut it into square or diamond s.
7. Allow it to cool fully, then transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate. Since this halva has dal in it, I doubt the shelf life, so I refrigerate it.
pumpkin halwa with moon gdal recipe

if you have a problem setting the halva,it can be placed in the fridge and then cut to desired shapes. I have not kept in the fridge. Alternately, you can recook the halva to get the right consistency.
Preparing this halwa really needs lot of patience, grating & cooking is quite a long process. But the results are worth it.

Difference in the color is due to the lighting from different sources

Moong Dal Pumpkin Halwa

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