Ragi dosa – Ragi Flour Recipe (Healthy Indian Breakfast )

Ragi dosa

Ragi also called as nachni in hindi and finger millet in English is a very staple food in many parts of Karnataka and maharastra. It is said to be a poor man’s grain since it is cheap and highly nutritious. The most interesting fact is that this grain needs no fertilizer and no pesticide while growing up. Rarely do they get infestations. In such cases very minimal quantities of pesticides are used.  This is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by most people especially in small towns and villages.

Ragi dosa can be made in various ways.  But for me the simplest, easiest and tastiest version is to mix it with dosa batter and use. This way the protein content is more, so I prefer this. They come out crispy with a nice aroma of ragi. The proportions can be varied too, but with these proportions, there is no fuss at home, every one eats it.This time I made this for my kid’s after school snack and he chose to eat with the ulavacharu (horse gram soup, Andhra style). I was surprised at this combo. They just tasted great.  You can serve these dosas with any chutney you like. Will update the post in future with other versions of this dosa.

1 cup of thin fermented dosa batter (batter which is ready to use for making dosa and not the thick batter)(my proportion for the dosa batter is 1 cup dal : 3 cups dosa rice and 1 tsp methi seeds.)
¼ cup of ragi flour (I use the store bought one, I do not know if the sprouted ragi flour works fine to get crispy dosa)
Salt to taste
1 small onion
1 to 2 gren chilies
1 sprig curry leaves or coriander leaves chopped
1 tsp oil
pinch of mustard
pinch of cumin / jeera
pinch of hing
pinch of urad dal (optional)
oil for drizzling around the dosas

1.    Mix the dosa batter, salt and ragi flour with 90 to 110 ml water.(use more water if needed)
2.    Bring it to a pouring consistency. Remove lumps if any.
3.    Heat a pan with 1 tsp oil, add cumin, mustard, dal when they begin to splutter, add curry leaves, hing. Off the heat. Add chilies, onions and coriander leaves to this
4.    Pour this over the batter. mix well
5.    Smear oil over a tawa and heat it.

6.    Do the water test to check if the tawa is hot enough
7.    Pour the batter all over thinly and do not spread with the ladle. Instead quickly tilt the tawa to a side, so that the batter flows to the sides and spreads. My dosa in the step by step pic looks a bit thick since I was focusing on the photo clicks and not on the dosas, but you actually get thin and lacy dosas as you see in the main pics
8.    Pour little oil over the edges. let it cook
9.    Flip to the other side and cook.
10.    Flip back and fry till you get the right crisp

Serve hot to eat crispy. Serve with chutney

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